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Cranbrook Show 2016

All the Pulis who are Pulis were gathered at the Cranbrook Show this past weekend (August 26-28, 2016)!! Fun was had, classes were run, and of course, prizes were given! There was even a Puli Booster event on Sunday! Because Pulis needed a better reason to be awesome! Here are some pictures and results that […]

The Puli Puppies go Outside!

Today, the Puli Pups get to have a bit of a suntan! We introduced them to the grass, and outdoors under Mamma Liz’s watchful eyes. By all accounts, they had a wonderful time! Be sure to check out the pics from the beginning in their puppy page! Hey Mum. What’s this?   Occupational hazard of […]

New Arrivals to Windkist!

New Arrivals to Windkist!

We are happy to announce that Liz and Marlow’s expected litter has officially arrived on July 31st!! Seven boys have entered our kennels, and all are doing well! All the boys have homes, but if you’re still curious about the breed, be sure to contact us! If you’re looking for the cutest puppies ever, head […]

Liz is Expecting!

There’s a new litter in the works! It has just been confirmed that Liz and Marlow are expecting their next litter of pups! The new generation should be here by the August long weekend, if all goes well! Be sure to check back with us for updates, and of course puppy pics! (And who doesn’t […]