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Cranbrook Show 2016

All the Pulis who are Pulis were gathered at the Cranbrook Show this past weekend (August 26-28, 2016)!! Fun was had, classes were run, and of course, prizes were given! There was even a Puli Booster event on Sunday! Because Pulis needed a better reason to be awesome! Here are some pictures and results that […]

The First First!

Yara was kind enough to allow us a sneak peek into her whelping box, to grab a glimpse of her new litter, and they are adorable!! Keep tuned for more photo ops as events warrant! And we are happy to announce that all puppies have been spoken for! But if you are interested in future […]

We’re Expecting!

It is with joy that we announce that our newest addition to our pack, Yara, and new dad Rhett, are expecting puppies for February 16th! We just had a check up at the vets, everyone is healthy and the pregnancy is progressing well! If you have any interest in a puppy, please be sure to […]