Today, the Puli Pups get to have a bit of a suntan! We introduced them to the grass, and outdoors under Mamma Liz’s watchful eyes. By all accounts, they had a wonderful time!

Be sure to check out the pics from the beginning in their puppy page!

P1010142Hey Mum. What’s this?


P1010144Occupational hazard of the backyard. Queen Skid is not impressed.


P1010145What’s that bright thing up there?




P1010155We’re working on it!


P1010156It’s naptime, yes?


P1010157No! Nope! Nada! Mooommm!!


P1010159Well, this is interesting.


P1010160I’m ready for my closeup now!


P1010161Is this it? Where’s the rest?


P1010163You gots treats?


P1010165Hey, dude. The sun moved.


P1010166This is a good spot!


P1010167I kinda likes it here!