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Peeking At the World!

This is such a cool time for the little pups! Their eyes are just opening, and now the fun begins! On top of that, they’re really growing! Everyone has gained weight and they are all healthy, happy little fuzz balls! Take a look at their adorable little faces! Pedigree Soo comfy!   Here I am, […]

They’re a Week Old!

The puppies have a wonderful milestone to share with you all! They’re a week old! The cute little squeaks have permeated the house, and Mama Yara is keeping them all warm, well fed, and happy! You’ll also be happy to know that all of them have found forever homes, which are excited to meet them! […]

First Glimpse!

It has been a hectic couple of days! Mama Yara was kind enough to allow us to take a couple of pics of the  new arrivals, and they didn’t disappoint! Cuteness enough to share! Check it out! Pedigree, if you’re interested! Breakfast in bed? Don’t mind if we do!   This one’s already saying, “Let’s […]

They’re Here!!

They’re Here!!

We are very happy and proud to announce the arrival of the O Litter!! Mama Yara is doing well, Papa McGee is proud as punch, and all four little bundles of joy are healthy and already beginning to grow! Stay tuned for more pictures of absolute cuteness! Pedigree, if you’re interested!

Cranbrook Show 2016

All the Pulis who are Pulis were gathered at the Cranbrook Show this past weekend (August 26-28, 2016)!! Fun was had, classes were run, and of course, prizes were given! There was even a Puli Booster event on Sunday! Because Pulis needed a better reason to be awesome! Here are some pictures and results that […]

Herding Test!

This was an exciting weekend for both Rhett and McGee! They got to have all the fun and try out herding actual, real live, real wool-filled sheep! Totally cool, and something I think we all want to try one day! It went amazingly well, and they made the sheep run in pinwheels, peel one out […]