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Cranbrook Show 2016

All the Pulis who are Pulis were gathered at the Cranbrook Show this past weekend (August 26-28, 2016)!! Fun was had, classes were run, and of course, prizes were given! There was even a Puli Booster event on Sunday! Because Pulis needed a better reason to be awesome! Here are some pictures and results that […]

Herding Test!

This was an exciting weekend for both Rhett and McGee! They got to have all the fun and try out herding actual, real live, real wool-filled sheep! Totally cool, and something I think we all want to try one day! It went amazingly well, and they made the sheep run in pinwheels, peel one out […]

Fort St. John Show!

It was a wonderful weekend for the Windkist Crew at the Fort St. John Show!! Six shows in three days, and our wonderful Kennel showed their hearts out! Lyric had a huge blast at her showing debut, and McGee gained another two points towards his Championship! Trigger got into his show groove, and Marlow got […]

Red Deer Show, Nov 7-8

It was an awesome weekend for Team Puli! (Thank you to Carla-Jo for the term!) Here’s how it all went down:       McGee and Carla-Jo won Best of Winners on both days under Judges Karen Chant, and Sharron Derrick.  He also won Best of Puppy in Breed on both days! McGee is now […]

Obedience Class

The puppies all started obedience class this weekend! Luie and Leporello all had a great time, and pretended to learn something great! Here’s some pictures of the busy day! The whole obedience class. Look at all that condensed cuteness! Leporello working! Hey, treats! Leporello at class! Checking out the situation… Luie at class! Cool as […]