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Getting Bigger!

These little guys just keep growing and growing!! They’ve already begun to walk around confidently, and have definitely developed their own personalities! Check it out: Hijinks ensued! Fun was had! Rita and Bari were amused! Check out their side of the story Here! Keep tuned for more!

Always Moving!

What an eventful week! These little guys have everyone hopping, even Uncle Bari and Aunt Rita! Here are the latest pics of our little escape artists! These puppies love to make sure we always have something to do! Be sure to keep an eye on Seven Nearly Perfect Pulik to hear what Uncle Bari and […]

New Litter!!

New Litter!!

Oh my goodness, we have a surprise for you all!! Are you ready?? We have a new litter of cute little fuzzy puppies for you to look at!! They are a bit older, as it’s been so busy around Windkist Kennels that we haven’t had time to take pics of them, but now we have, […]

More Stacks!

They grew! And got louder! (As proper Puli puppies should, of course!) So here is how this beautiful litter is progressing, and they are doing it with style! (Of course!) Let’s see what they stack up to next week! Stay tuned!

Growing Up!

There’s lots going on over here at Windkist! The puppies are reaching their 6th week, and they have transferred over to solid foods now! (Making a mess of the whole house, of course!) And who could forget their 6 week stacks? Stay tuned for more pics of the cuties!

The Very First Stacks!

It’s been a while! We’ve been so busy having fun with these little guys, that we completely forgot to take pictures of their antics! Here are their very first stacks! Aren’t they just adorable? And growing like weeds, of course! Keep tuned for more pics as they come!