The wonderfulness of the ‘M’ litter, for mmm-mmm awesome! Enjoy the pics of this litter’s cute start!


In case you felt curious, here is the pedigree for these cuties!

Yara and pupsPuppies-16 Puppies-15 Puppies-14 Puppies-12 Puppies-11 Puppies-10 Puppies-05 Puppies-03 Puppies-02 Puppies-01green stack purple stack red stack yellow stack green stack 5 wks purple stack 5 wks red stack 5 wks yellow stack 5 wks green 6.5 wks purple 6.5 wks red 6.5 wks Yellow 6.5 wks Puppies-20 Puppies-21 Puppies-22 Puppies-23 Puppies-24 Puppies-25 Puppies-26 Puppies-27 Puppies-28 Puppies-29 Puppies-30 Puppies-31 Puppies-32